Grand Central Station

Spotted...V at Grand Central Station. Yes i was in Gossip Girl Heaven when I walked into the beautiful chandelier draped halls of Grand Central Station. The ceilings are gorgeously painted and speckled with lights looking like the stars and constellations.

The giant windows pour natural light into the station and the famous Golden Clock glows in the centre of the bustling terminal. 

I fell in love with the whispering walls where, when stood in opposite arches, if you spoke into the wall, the person on the opposite side could hear you crystal clear. Magical.


We finally arrived after a totally scary landing into muggy but bright New York City. 7 hours 50 later we were a little tired but excited to explore the concrete Jungle. The view from our room was amazing, The Chrysler Building stood tall next to us. As a lover of the 1920s period, and all things Great Gatsby this building immediately stole my heart and I made sure I stared lovingly at it at every possible moment.


London bound with Dan and my family for a short stay. One of my favourite photos I captured of Dan sitting in the window of our hotel room on the highest floor overlooking the London Skyline.

New York City

Tuesday we headed on down to London in preparation for our seriously too early flight to JFK. It's been a truly amazing trip and I'll split my pics up into separate blog posts otherwise this one would take up literally 4 pages! I know me and Dan are 100% going back again some time but for now we are going to get some sleep!!


Do any of you guys have we heart it? Im obsessed!! I love all the inspirational images you can gather up and keep on your board. Its very much like pinterest which I love to you for wedding photography inspo but we heart it is great for more personal inspiration for the blog & home decor. if you like give my weheartit some love and add me and i'll add you back and we can share inspirational pretty photos!

Vicky Andrews We Heart It

Central Perk, Chester

What a neat surprise,as we wondered down the historic cobbled streets of Chester in the miserable rain we came across this amazing coffee shop. I couldn't believe there was a central Perk coffee house here in the UK, all kitted out with the logos, chalk boards, and even the big orange sofa! Framed Flat screen TVs played friends on repeat and it only seemed fit to order a huge strawberry milkshake with cream.

The 1975

For the past year I've really been into The 1975. I first downloaded the album when chocolate came into the charts and I heard the indie rock sounds of Matty Healy...sigh. After that I was hooked. Because my car is old school it only plays CDs so for Christmas my sister bought me the album on cd and it's just awesome to drive to. It gets me going on the morning drive to work and those sunny days with the windows down it sounds even sweeter. Last week I bought my first record! And it had to be The 1975, and it was everything I expected and more. I adore that it's clear, and the photography paired with handwritten lyrics on the sleeve make it awesome to set your eyes on.


I love reading blogs and i have many accounts full of inspirational photos and ideas like tumblr and we heart it and Pinterest so i thought instead of just bundling it away for no-one to see, I thought id share some of my inspiration with you.

This Easter I was bought Alexa Chung's book 'It' by Dan and it has really inspired me to make a collection of just things that make me happy and make Its not all about the story of past and future but sometimes what pulls together in your life, the little things to make it what it is and I guess this is what this blog does.


Ive finally got it, my fairytale princess Dressing Table. All my perfumes and beauty products are stored on my beautiful dresser and I've draped the mirror in cream rose fairy lights. Dan has utterly spoilt me and i feel so lucky. We even bought vintage perfume bottles to accessorize the table.I also love that my Orchid is still going strong and I've re-potted it now so hopefully it continues to flower. Being bank holiday Monday I've spent the day, aside from being in bed, making our bedroom pretty and of course taking loads of snaps.


I was very lucky to have a top shop gift voucher that I could use all on myself. So I tootled up to our town centre and splurged on some pretties. I was so glad I found this tshirt at the back of a rail. This tee by tee & cake is the cutest, I love the bambi above the pocket, it's very similar to the designer tops with bambi I've seen about recently. I also got a gorgeous new pink lipstick which I'm wearing Every day at the minute.


Mondays are never a favourite. Thankfully today I get to sit on my bed catch up on blogging and start packing for our trip to New York! Im speeding through our Eyewitness Travel book of New York City in excitement of learning about everything I am about to see. I think main things I want to see/do include:
  • Central Park, maybe a horse and cart trip around 
  • Times Square at night
  • Macy's
  • The Empire State Building
  • Grand Central Station
  • Eat a corn Dog/Churo/Mac & Cheese
  • See the Statue of Liberty
If you guys have an other ideas/hidden places and must sees for my trip please comment and let me know!!!

Impromptus Shrewsbury Trip

Sunday for Dan & I usually consists of Netflix & a whole lot of lazing about, but we barely saw each other Saturday so Dan had the idea to head to Shrewsbury Quarry and grab an ice-cream in the sunshine.

We also were in luck as we approached the quarry, it was the weekend before the Flower show, so the Flower gardens were in beautiful full bloom and we got to check them out for free!

After snapping away at the pristine kept gardens, we headed to The York Roast Co.

A cute little Restaurant that drew us in with its joints of meat sizzling away in the window. For a lunch time deal we got a Pork bap with apple sauce, stuffing and cracking, a drink and beautiful rosemary roast potatoes for £5 each, bargain!

It was well worth the stop, we loved what they had to offer and when we checked in on Facebook they even gave us a like and comment. So we like them and have them on our must visit again list!
After our pork baps we headed over to The Boat House for a few drinks and a cheeky little ice cream.