I finally cracked open my Thorntons Chocolate Fairy Princess I had for my Birthday, Someone knows me too well! It was the cutest thing ever with all the detail of the hair and dress...but it tasted even better! 

Adult Colouring Book

Since being a kid I've always loved to colour. Give me a set of pencils and a book and I'll be quiet for hours. I did wonder whether I would look silly giving in to this new 'adult colouring book' hype but after flicking through the beautifully illustrated pages I had to give it a go. I've collected three books now, just becuase I like swapping between the different themes. My favourite has to be Millie Marotta's Tropical Wonderland. She puts SO much detail into her drawings that the colouring is vibrant and beautiful. 
These two colouring books are ones I have my eye on and are on my Amazon wish list for Christmas. I wanted to buy them all but decided to be sensible and go for one and work through that first. But the New York one, for obvious reasons that I've fallen in love with the place since I went in the summer and the Christmas one, becuase who doesn't want to colour in Christmas scenes at this time of year!?

Vinyl Love

Telford has long lacked a music store since hmv shut its doors in many shopping centres a few years ago. But with the revival of the brand we finally got the store back about a month ago now and I was itching to see what it was like.

As you can see I was more than happy with the mass of vinyl on display. I know Dan will be seriously happy now we don't have to travel to Birmingham to pick up a record. 

Dinner at The Shrew

For my Birthday Dan took me for a gorgeous meal at our local Restaurant 'The Shrewsbury Arms.' The food is always so tasty and presented really fancy, so you feel like you're getting a special meal. It was lovely to dress up and walk down there so I could have a glass of wine (or three) and enjoy the evening. 

I loved this mason jar my sister bought me for my birthday. It was great to pop a cheeky vodka and Coke in before I went out.

For my dinner I had salmon with mash, peas and bacon bits and Dan had a house burger and a huge side of pulled pork...yum!! 

22 Roses

I was so lucky to receive not one but two huge bunches of 22 beautiful Pink roses. That's 44 roses in my house! I'm in love! 

Birthday Bash!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22! I had such a lovely gathering to celebrate my 22nd Birthday, full of pink fluffy and inflatable flamingos! Dan outdid himself with his thoughtful and crazy flamingo decorations all around the house. We even had 5 inflatable flamingos dotted about which everyone grabbed and danced with by the end of the night! It was so nice to have everyone who means something to me in our apartment to share sparkly fluffy pink Flamingo evening! 

New hair

Hello from a brunette Vicky! Okay so I kept the ends blonde, but even they have been toned down to an ashy blonde rather than my yellow summer blonde I was going for before. I've also had my fringe put back in, I have such a love hate relationship with fringes, as soon as they grow into my eyes it's swept to the side for a few months until I decide to go back and get it out back in. The amazing Ashley Gamble team always impress me with their skills and knowledge of what will look good. 

Peace at the Civic

'She tastes like Sunlight, and she's always gonna be there in the back of your mind'

My Favourite lyric from Peace- Cali Days, was beautiful to hear sung across the huge Wolverhampton Civic Hall Crowd. One of my favourite gigs I've been to this year, and the best that i have seen them play as a band, having seen them 3 times now.  The best part was meeting Harrison before the gig. Although sarcastic, it was to be expected from someone so uber cool. I told him i liked his necklace, he said yeah me too... point made.

Powder Pink

I showed this photo that I took last week to my photography class and thankfully it received a good reception. I have learnt how to use my aperture to create the blurred background and my iso being so high made an almost 'powdery' effect in the background. Which if I'm honest i did not realise until it was blown up on the theatre screen but it actually works quite nicely with the magenta tones and the feel of the image. I love to texture and the veins on the rose petals and the fur texture on the leaf. Im really quite happy with this photo and thought would share, its my first that has been taken fully manual and had some good feedback!

Christmas Already?

Its that time of year, when the shops start creeping tinsel onto the ends of the isles, and cute little decorations make their way to the till after hopping in your basket when you only went to get washing up liquid. These 3 wooden hearts had to be bought. At £1 each form B&M i adored each one and couldn't choose, I'm sure theres room in the apartment somewhere for them...

TK Maxx Love

I just had to show you this gorgeous faux fur jacket. i absolutely love it...when Im paid i think this beauty is coming home with me! It had a beautiful soft satin inside and the fur on the outside looked just like one i had seen on the style Birmingham Catwalk. I also adored the 2016 diaries that have been stocked. I think some of these will be coming to friends and family. They are leather bound with beautiful gold quotes or embellishments. I liked the one saying 'The Masterplan' and the pink leather and gold heart book. I think the pink one will also be coming home with me...if not its on my xmas list!!

Shrewsbury & Cameras!

A beautiful day cannot be waisted, so me and Dan hopped in the car and drove down to Shrewsbury for a day of wandering about and snapping. Shrewsbury is so scenic and I always love to stop and take a snap shot of the River Severn as it flows through the bridges.
As it was a Sunday, where better place to go than The York Roast Co. We have been twice now and there Pork Baps with everything on, even crackling, herb potatoes and drink cannot be beaten. We picnicked it and enjoyed the sunshine whilst tucking into our Sunday Lunch.

Dan also surprised me with buying my Birthday present while we were in Shrewsbury. The town has the closest Jessops Camera shop, and every time we go, i have to go in and 'just look.' But this time was different, as i played with the Canon 100D, Dan asked me 'is this the one you want?', and then proceeded to ask the assistant for one! I am so excited to be able to play with it, of course it has been put away now until my Birthday but it is so exciting to know it is there waiting! I have been so spoilt by Dan, Ive been wanting a new camera for a while now and with my interest strengthening it will really help me out. YAY! only 13 days to go...

Mom's Birthday

Mom's Birthday had to be celebrated the best way we knew how...with a Panda Birthday Cake! My mom adores all things Panda, we have even been to see the Pandas in Edinburgh and San Diego. This gorgeous cake from Asda caught my eye a week before Mom's Birthday and it was a must to buy it and sing happy birthday! We also had a pizza party and ordered a ton of Papa Johns and sides and all tucked in. It was yummy and i think she had a really lovely day.

Style Birmimgham

Style Birmingham happens every year during London Fashion week, and allows members of the public to have an insight into the catwalk world. I lined up alongside many other girls and guys, all trying to look like we are attending Fendi's Autumn/winter London Catwalk, and with press at the door, it felt like a special occasion. We all had a gift bag full of gorgeous Soap & Glory treats and a gorgeous Oil shampoo which i have been using every other wash and it makes my hair look and smell so good.

The Gas Hall in Birmingham was a really fitting venue for the catwalk, as I walked in I was greeted to champagne and a live DJ set. I was guided by the photographer to the huge sponsor board where we all posed with our glasses. Me and Dan took our seats, front row...eeek! and waited for the show to begin. 

Mark Wright from TOWIE, and Mark from Lorraine came out and wooed the crowd, Mark just had to smile and say a few funny words, he had all the women under his thumb. Mark from Lorraine explained to us about the season's trends and how we can get them on the high street. I loved the fringe is coming through this season, especially on bags and shoes. I also LOVE the faux fur jackets, not only are they super warm but such a style statement. The catwalk was powerful and inspiring and made me regain my love with autumn, because at least we can wrap up warm in our big coats and boots!

Nosh & Quaff

Nosh & Quaff was a new find whilst in Birmingham on Saturday. An awesome bar/pub with gorgeous exposed brick and oodles of sunlight pouring in it was a perfect place for photography lovers like myself, Trish (Awonderingstar) and Stacy to catch up for drinks. It was so nice to see Stacy after a million years apart (well not really a million but she doesn't even text back :( ) and of course me and Trish rabbit away as if we didn't even email like this morning. We all pulled out our cameras and snapped our drinks and then came home and blogged all about it. And so is the hard life of a blogger/photographer ...