Christmas Sorting

After Christmas, there is always the task of finding a new home for our lovely gifts. I love my V candle my mom bought me. I can never find anything with a V or my name on so this is really special, I've put it on my new white floating shelf in the bedroom.

I also have loved replacing my old toiletries with these new beautiful smelling Ted Baker ones. I live their pink and rose gold finish and their floral smell. I also love the mini perfumes, especially XO. 


Last Year Dan bought me some impossible project Polaroid film and we used them over Christmas to capture the day, this year we have done the same and we are building a gorgeous collection. I just thought I would share them with you as it is becoming our tradition to document Christmas with the retro Polaroid. 

Christmas Eve

The most exciting time of the year. Christmas Eve. This year we invited my family over for some festive snacks and a bottle of Verve as we swapped presents and put them under the tree ready for the big day. 

I've been published!

I'm so happy that's my photos from the Albrighton Extravaganza have been published on three websites this week! I took my new canon 100d out just to capture the atmosphere, it was my first year attending the extravaganza and as you can tell from my previous blogposts, anything Christmas and I'm there. Feeling very grateful to Dan for getting me the camera and very proud of myself as they were all taken on manual after learning how to use my camera at my 2 month university night course. 

It's a costa Christmas

December kicks in and the mad rush to buy Christmas presents is on. Not a space in the car park, but thankfully after many laps I nip in and get started. Of course every shopping trip needs a half time break. It was time for the seasonal Gingerbread Latte. I think there should be some kind of petition to have the gingerbread flavour all year round. Especially with the cute gold stars and man popping out of my cream! And we can't forget the adorable robin cup if you order a small, or grande, or whatever it is they call it.

Festive Decorations

Christmas comes once a year, and it starts in our house in September. I started buying little decorations in the Autumn in the excitement of Christmas coming and now with only 18 days to go they are finding places in our home.
I love our sparkly mini Xmas tree and Xmas diffuser Mom bought us the other week. She is Queen Xmas so I must follow in her footsteps!

When Dad met Jamie

Birthday Boy Pappa A really made me giggle this weekend when he decided to leave My mom and sister in a queue at The Clothes Show to meet Binky and have a wonder round. Dad recognised the Candy Kittens logo having had to live in a Made in Chelsea obsessed house. So he grabs candy Kittens founder Jamie Laing and Chelsea cheeky chappy  by the neck and starts talking rugby. Jamie played a charity rugby match in which one of the professional England team tackled Jamie and left him on the floor with broken ribs. The funniest thing was that Jamie enjoyed talking to Dad and asked him for a selfie!! We can't take him anywhere! 

Sausage dog mugs

On a weekend there is nothing I love more than staying in bed and being able to have a decent breakfast. One thing I'm awful for is not having a drink before leaving the house, so on a weekend our new mugs go down a treat in making sure I consume a heck of a lot! Me and Dan have an obsession with daschunds at the minute and crave for the day we have a garden so we can have our own. Next had a sale on and I spotted these mugs at £3!! They're huge and just the cutest!

Christmas Smiles

Dan and I have both been a bit under the weather recently so it was really nice a few nights ago to mess around taking selfies of us in our Santa and reindeer hats. We wind each other up so bad that by the end we are like hyperactive kids. I'm so glad I'm with someone who has a love for Christmas to match mine, it means I can cover the house in tinsel without any complaints he he! 

The 1975

It's finally the day!!! I can't believe I'm seeing the 1975! I know I'm fangirling here but I've fallen in love with them so much and I cannot wait to see what they are like live. We travelled to rainy Manchester, the band's hometown to catch their gig at the Apollo. After checking in I got changed into my new Miss Selfridge top which I'm in love with at the moment and off we went to join the que to get in. The que was mental. It stretched way past the uni and showed no sign of moving for at least half an hour. Thankfully pre-gig we found an awesome bar called Big hands so we chilled in their and listened to some vinyl before heading into the academy. 

The band were amazing live. It's all about the visuals. The 3D blocks, backing videos and of course their filler whale like music. Half way through Matty told the crowd to put their phones away and live for this moment and join him in experiencing the gig with our eyes and not through a screen. It was nice to see everyone put their phones away, and also gave me a better view becuase I'm so damn small! Highlights for me were the saxophonist who rocked, hearing Robbers and Sex live and Matty coming out after the encore with no shirt on...come on a girl can look! If anything I love them more now and can't wait for the album to come out in February.

The tree is up!

The day I look forward to all year, tree putting up day. I love that feeling when all of the Christmas things tumble out of the loft and cover the floor in glitter. We had to find a new place for the tree this year having moved house but I think it sits nicely in the corner of our living room. As soon as the decorations were on and the lights sparkling me and Dan were like small children all excited for the big day, only 21 sleeps!!