The 1975

It's finally the day!!! I can't believe I'm seeing the 1975! I know I'm fangirling here but I've fallen in love with them so much and I cannot wait to see what they are like live. We travelled to rainy Manchester, the band's hometown to catch their gig at the Apollo. After checking in I got changed into my new Miss Selfridge top which I'm in love with at the moment and off we went to join the que to get in. The que was mental. It stretched way past the uni and showed no sign of moving for at least half an hour. Thankfully pre-gig we found an awesome bar called Big hands so we chilled in their and listened to some vinyl before heading into the academy. 

The band were amazing live. It's all about the visuals. The 3D blocks, backing videos and of course their filler whale like music. Half way through Matty told the crowd to put their phones away and live for this moment and join him in experiencing the gig with our eyes and not through a screen. It was nice to see everyone put their phones away, and also gave me a better view becuase I'm so damn small! Highlights for me were the saxophonist who rocked, hearing Robbers and Sex live and Matty coming out after the encore with no shirt on...come on a girl can look! If anything I love them more now and can't wait for the album to come out in February.

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