January always seems to drag with Christmas seeming so long ago and the whole month ahead is cold and snowy. So we made sure we booked ourselves on the train to Liverpool one Saturday to go and have a wonder and see our love lock. 
It was a bit dreary of a day but it meant there weren't tons of tourists around, so we got to mess about and have our picture outside the magical mystery tour bus. 
We had a lovely walk down to the dock and I managed to spit our love lock immediately out of of the rows and rows worth that have now been placed there. I love how it is rusting up, it's been on there nearly two years now, and you can see by the picture below just how much it's taking a battering by the Mersey weather! 

We went to a gorgeous restaurant on the docks called 'what's cooking' which signatures in its meat dishes, Dan went for the BBQ rack of ribs and I had their cheese burger, both were amazingly good. I loved the chips too, they had a flavouring on that tasted like Bbq Pringles .

New Years Sales!

I love a good sale, especially when there is nothing wrong with the item, it's just old stock that needs shifting! Those little things you have had your eye on suddenly come down in price and it's an amazing feeling to snap up that bargain! 

The next home sale was awesome for bargains, the Bears were only £2! And the blue bird pot also £2! I was obsessing for ages about the marble pair (it's so heavy you would not want to drop it on your foot!) the pair was about £14 but in the sale it came down to £4, and straight in my basket it went! 

Forever 21 has some awesome deals, I bought a grey body con midi skirt, a gorgeous long moon and star necklace, a makeup sponge (finally) and some awesome ear cuffs all for under £20! The ear cuffs are my accessory obsession at the moment, I'm loving wearing them. I also love the clay feather decoration and grey heart pot from John Lewis in the sale! The pot was only £1!! Of course when in Birmingham a girls got to check out Victoria secret, so I treated myself to a new underwear set and saved myself over half the price, I love a good sale! Gorgeous things but for less! We finished our trip with a yummy dinner at pizza express and a cheeky box of churros! A successful day Sales shopping! 


The first Saturday of the year we decided to take a trip to Grand Central, Birmingham. We scavenged round for those end of sale bargains and took a nice long look at the new station. Something I really love is all the food courts in the centre of the station. One awesome surprise was a Churro bar. I haven't had churros since L.A in 2014 but this place make them exactly the same for £3! Definitely worth a stop by! 

Little Italy

Little Italy is our favourite place to go to celebrate and finishing work for the year was definitely an occasion to celebrate. We had the place to ourselves and we dined by candle light. The meal was lovely and so was the company :)